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Life is Art

Life IS Art The way you love The way you make love The way you make your coffee The way you talk…+ the way youView full post »

Now your eight

2 minutes ago you were just a toddler + I was day dreaming of afternoon walks + long talks about the complexities ofView full post »

C’est La Vie

She chose herself… For the first time ever. Because sometimes things just don’t work out… No matterView full post »

She Was There

My heart is sad today. I lost a dear friend. Last night she quietly slipped away. She said goodbye to this world. IView full post »


She was astray…drifting…somewhere between never again and not right now… She was empty…almostView full post »

Out of the Shadows

There’s a shadow place inside of her. An insoluble aching. Dark ghosts hiding in distant corners. Spellbound +View full post »

Remember when….. | Byron Bay Lighthouse

I used to write a lot when I was younger.  Writing was like a form a therapy for me, it still is.  I love the feelingsView full post »


You speak with a tongue of charming untruths, in a tone that echoes through time. Drifting through me with a chill ofView full post »