14088651_644358125729293_2255211176528940181_nWinters Skins | Womens Gathering ~ September 4th 2016

A ritualistic seasonal celebration + gathering for women.

As winter winds down + Spring peeps around the corner, we stop a moment to take stock of winters lessons + shed what is no longer necessary.
Let’s plant the seed of our intentions for the coming season, + come together to connect + stoke our sacred creative fires.

We will be gathering in circle. Igniting an enormous Bon fire. Spending time in group meditation, connecting, decorating, crafting, singing, story telling + releasing.

No pressure, no cost, just super laid back vibes in a magical space with like minded women.


arrows_line break eponavibesEpona Vibes ~ February 20th 2016

Gorgeous Goddess Lindy Simms of Gypsy Vibes brings to you a very unique and soulful event, the Epona Vibes Retreat.

Absorb yourself in a full day at our lush mountain view property at Ferny Glen. You’ll receive a personal Equine Guided Intuitive Insight Session from Mel and the beautiful Horse and Feather herd, Tribal Drumming Play and Lessons with the ever inspiring Heather Elwell of Vadoum International, a Journaling and Poetry Workshop from the super talented Katrina Harling of the Heart of Journaling, PLUS a lovely Adornment Ceremony with beautiful Lindy.

Nourishing your body with high vibrational yummy, vegan wholefood meals and snacks. This Retreat is crafted to set your inner Goddess on fire and bond you with your fellow like minded sisters.


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1513670_912857455443203_1920734817433440314_nHuntress Collective Solstice ~ June 20th 2015

This is a day to gather to honour our feminine darkness, on the shortest day of the year. Your facilitators are Keri – Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness + Mel – Horse and Feather, to work with our intuition, set intentions + release what no longer serves into the fire.

Why the huntress?
The huntress archetype in our modern world is getting quite the work out. In our modern world where women are working the double or triple shift she is very, very tired.
But she can’t sit still, she can’t lie down, she is wired & tired and tells herself that its not safe to stop yet. Who will do all that needs to be done if I stop? Who will keep the house tidy, the kids fed, the business humming ?
Do you recognise her? Even just a little?


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