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Photographic + Digital Freelance Artist // Horse Trainer // Nature Lover // Writer // Wanderer // Mother



Hey there!

I’m so glad you found this space!

I’m Mel….a lifelong horsewoman, mumma, photographer, wanderer, writer, truth seeker, nature lover + wildlife career.

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MJP_1138Light chasing…

I am a storyteller + a light chaser. A country girl.  I have been an avid horse lover + involved in the Equine Industry most of my life. Horses have been my life long teachers + so my equine photography expertise as been honed through many years of observing, training + working with these beautiful animals.

I have an easy going, stress free approach to my art + photography. I like to capture true ‘moments’, through a photojournalistic/story telling approach.  I tend to steer away from traditional, posed photography + like to remain as unobtrusive as possible, allowing moments to unfold naturally.  My aim is to create a space + tell stories in an environment that is natural + authentic, with an emphasis on capturing real, candid, natural reactions + interactions.

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Once, there was a little girl that loved horses…

You know how there was always that one girl in class that was obsessed with horses….yep….well, that was me. Instead of posters of cute boys + music idols adorning my walls, I was the girl with walls covered in pictures of horses, with trophies + ribbons displayed proudly over the windowsill + equine related literature spilling out of my shelves. I was that little girl off riding by herself in the hills, with nothing but a halter + my best mate (my pony ‘Majestic’).

That obsession, though it wavered somewhat during my rebellious teenage years, has never really left me. Horses have been the very best teachers in my life + horsemanship a spiritual journey….the wisdom they have gifted me with (+ still are gifting me with) is what I would like to pass on + share with the world.

It has been a long + winding road to get to where I am today. A personal journey + life long healing more than anything else. A heart based life that is authentic + soul filling sure is a roller coaster ride. It has been full of personal insights + dark moments of confrontation, especially with my own perceived inadequacies + self limiting belief patterns.

I believe in an intuitive, soul centred approach to connecting with, training + working with horses.

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Steps along the way

I have been involved in many facets of the equine industry for most of my working life.  From starting young horses, to training, re-education, performance, competition, photography, media + retail.  I began riding horses at age 5 + have competed +/or trained in everything from Pony Club, Gymkhanas, Hacking, Dressage, Show Jumping, Inter school, Eventing + Horseball. I have also been a professional Trick Rider for close to 8 yrs.

Following in my fathers footsteps, I have worked nearly 14yrs (to date) in the Australian Zookeeping Industry as an Animal Keeper/Trainer. I walked back into my passion of horses at age 23 + began making a living from it.  I spent a number of years as a Stockwomen/Show presenter/Animal career at QLDs largest Aussie Farm Tour experience ‘Paradise Country’ + went on to become a professional Trick Rider &+ Lead Performer at the Gold Coasts multi million dollar arena spectacular, the ‘Australian Outback Spectacular’. I ran my own breaking/training business for a number of years + co-founded QLDs very first trick riding team, the Southern Stars Trick Riders.

I have held various groom + breaking/training positions in establishments such as Cavalia (Brisbane) – groom, Patinack Farm – breaking/pre-training, Animals All Around (Zelie Bullen) – rider/groom, Que Sera Warmblood Stud – groom, Woodside Park – yearling prep, + was co-owner, editor, event photographer for equine publication the “Local Horse Magazine” from 2011 – 2014.

Whilst my early journeys through the equine world gifted me with knowledge, experience + some wonderful friends + mentors, there was always something missing + I was generally left feeling a little unfulfilled. It took working myself into the ground, + a few little falls from grace before I really stopped + headed that little inner voice that was telling me I had so much more to give. So, I picked myself up, dusted myself off + began really listening to my heart. And so here we are today!

I believe I am a pretty dedicated + driven individual.  I work hard + honestly, + have developed my own style of horsemanship; taking the knowledge gained from working with + studying many gifted horsemen + women, + using my own intuition, natural instincts + ability.  My open mind + dedication have allowed me to become a versatile horsewoman who is constantly striving to improve not only myself + my life but my ‘heart craft’.

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A few more bits

I love to write.  Writing is a form of therapy for me, I write to heal myself.  I also believe that people learn best through shared experiences….so I write to release, share + to inspire.

I love simplicity. I’m a country girl.  I believe in the perfection of imperfection + in the beautiful chaos of life.

I am in love with LOVE, all things nature + wildlife, natural light, my baby girl, blue jeans + cowboy boots, unscripted moments, words, red wine + open fires, romance, music, photographs, authenticity + horses (of coarse).

I have been blessed to have spent my entire working career working with a wide variety of amazing animals, from Native Wildlife, to Sea Lions + Polar Bears.

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My manifesto is simple:
  • To be passionate teacher + a constant student.
  • To utilise an alternate, more soul centred, holistic method of connecting with, training, keeping + working with animals (especially horses).
  • To give back in anyway that I can.

I hope you can stay a while + connect!


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